Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is a Golf Greens “Fore” U green better than a natural green?
A: Our performance roll, non-directional turf provides the best surface available, without the need to spend time and money on maintaining a natural green. Our interlocking fibers will give the golfer a consistent roll any direction and upkeep and maintenance will be minimal. The best part of our product vs. a natural green is that our product is merely a fraction of the cost of a natural green.

Q: Will you just sell me the turf and give me a self install kit?
A: No, we take great pride in professionally designing and installing all of our products and we stand by our installations 100%. We are the synthetic professionals and we want to allow you the time to truly enjoy your backyard show case practice green all the while leaving the liability squarely in the hands of our trained Golf Greens “Fore” U professionals.

Q: What type of synthetic turf is used with your products?
A: All of our turfs are polypropylene. Our engineers have spent a lot of time and money researching nylon vs. polypropylene and we have found that nylon does not drain as well. When water is retained in the turf, it will mold and lose its integrity. This will cause the surface to break down and fall apart.

Q: How long does it take to install?
A: The average sized 600 sq. ft. green will take 2-3 days depending on site accessibility and terrain of existing area. We try to ensure a minimal amount of disruption to your property and lifestyle.

Q: How fast is the green?
A: We leave that determination up to the homeowner and we can have the speed range anywhere from 8 to 12 on the stimpmeter. We alter the speed based on the amount of our proprietary infill needed to get your custom green to the speed desired. We encourage you to consult your home course to see what their greens typically run at so you can maximize your practice time on your back yard putting green.

Q: Can I chip to my green and will it respond like a natural green?
A: Absolutely, our proprietary 3/8” Performance Roll™ turf is perfect for chip, pitch shots up to 25 yards. For shots longer than 25 yards, we recommend our target green surface which will hold shots up to 200 yards.

Q: Is my backyard big enough for a green?
A: Most back yards have atleast 12' x 20' of free space, which is all the space needed to construct a 240 sq. ft. green. We custom design all of our products and for the most part can install anything in any space available, regardless of how limited you feel your space might be.

Q: Is the green flat or can I have slopes and undulations?
A: Your green is completely customized. We will always actively involve you in the design and installation process. You determine the shape, slope and speed of the green as well as the actual hole placements. You can have any break, slope or undulations you desire even tiers if you so desire. Most golfers want a right to left break, a left to right break, an uphill and a down hill putt. We always recommend including at least one 8-12 foot straight putt.

Q: Can I have a bunker? What about a chipping area?
A: Yes and yes. Some clients want to be able to work on more than just putting and we pride ourselves in being the "short game – one stop shop." We can build any size and shape for your bunker. We will only use USGA spec sand on all of our bunker installations. As for a chipping area, some clients want to be able to hit lob shots, pitch shots and chip shots and we can design and install any shape and size for your chipping surface to help protect your landscaped yard from divots.

Q: Do you provide landscaping around the green?
A: Yes, landscaping elements help "set off" your green. You can choose from pavers, bricks, stamped concrete, boulders, retaining walls, even a pond or waterfall feature to add to the eye appeal of your showcase. Plants, flowers and shrubbery provide nice color contrasts. We are happy to make suggestions or simply execute your ideas.

Q: What happens to my green in the winter? Do I need to cover it?
A: You do not have to protect your green in anyway. Our greens are designed to withstand the toughest climates, bitter cold to blistering heat. From frigid Canadian winters to scorching Arizona summers, our greens actually improve with age and exposure to the elements.

Q: What about drainage?
A: Our product is designed to drain water two distinctly different ways. One is through the microscopic pin holes in the turf and the other is with our 4" of fast draining sub-base material that ensures efficient, flow through drainage. Thirty minutes after a downpour you can putt on our green and never know it rained. Unlike other synthetic greens you'll NEVER see a puddle or standing water on a Golf Greens “Fore” U product.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: Less than you think. Actually, it's not really fair to you if we try to give you a quote before we see your property, because there are too many factors that affect price, including, layout of your property, slope, equipment access to work area, amount of excavation required, existing landscape, local ordinances, etc. We're happy to do a FREE site evaluation and provide a written quote. There is no obligation. Golf Greens “Fore” U prides itself on providing you, the customer, a custom designed and installed product that will suit your property and landscaping and create the ultimate showcase for your back yard.

Q: What separates Golf Greens “Fore” U from the competition?
A: Golf Greens “Fore” U is a national company with over 60 representatives that are extensively trained in the design and installation of all of our products. Our attention to detail is second to none with our 38 step installation process. We stand not only behind our turf, but also the installation 100%.

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